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May 15, 2020

#HairsomeMan Challenge


Huawei Malaysia


Working with Innity and Mediacom, Head & Shoulders Malaysia partnered with influencers such as Sean LJE, Hao Ren, Anthony Ng, Izzue Islam, and many more to drive contest awareness and traffic by participating in the challenge. Some of the influencers even gave the campaign a shout out on their social media accounts to broaden the audience reach. To incentivize and motivate campaign participation, the brand gave out prizes and their Head & Shoulders Ultramen Cool Menthol shampoo.


The TikTok branded hashtag TikTok challenge #HairsomeMen contest submissions from the influencers were then reutilised into a Youtube video ad. The Youtube video ad successfully connected with the viewers as they were able to relate with the content and inspire their DIY haircut. As a result, Head & Shoulders Malaysia’s video ad was recently listed as one of the “Top YouTube Ads People Watched in APAC, June 2020” by Google.


Besides that, Innity’s creative arm developed and ran in-feed, banner, and brand takeover ads on TikTok for the brand. These were further supported with Innity’s 3D Post ad format that ran on Innity’s large network of publishers’ websites.


Head & Shoulders was able to drive a 23% increase in unaided brand awareness, with 28% and 17% growth among Chinese and Malays respectively. They also saw a 48% increase in Top of Mind Awareness compared to the previous year, with 16% growth among Chinese and more than a double in growth among Malays.


On top of all that, Head & Shoulders gained back single ownership in May 2020 as the Most Superior Scalp Care brand. Through the campaign, Head & Shoulders Malaysia managed to build a stronger brand image and a genuine connection with their audience during this pandemic and lockdown period which is essential for maintaining brand affinity.

  • Strategy

    52 influencers + TikTok Ads

  • Youtube Ad Views


  • #HairsomeMan TikTok Challenge

    6.7K video submissions